ROADS (Tentative cost: 1750 crores)

A 200’ wide road, 8 km long road is being constructed from New Chandigarh/UT boundary to ‘T’ junction of Kurali-Siswan road at the cost of Rs. 230 crores (including land cost). This road will act as major link between UT, Punjab & Himachal Pradesh. At present it has 6 lanes, with two service roads of 22.5 feet width being constructed on both sides of the main carriageway. The central verge of the Road has been kept as 14 feet to accommodate one more lane on each carriage way in future.

GMADA has also proposed to construct 2 additional vertical roads in New Chandigarh Local Planning Area. These roads will provide major link with PR-4 road to New Chandigarh road (from New Chandigarh UT barrier up to Kurali-Siswan “T” junction). These 60 m wide roads will have a cross section of dual carriageway of 14 m each with two service lanes of 7.5 m each. The approximate cost of construction for these roads will be Rs. 240 Crores.

The Proposed road PR 4 from UT boundary passing through village Togan upto Kurali Siswan road (near village Boothgarh) is 60 m wide having a length of 15 K.M. It will be constructed with tentative project cost of Rs.550 Crores (including land cost) and the process of land acquisition has been started.

The proposed road from village Slamatpur to Punjab U.T boundary is 60 m wide having a length of 9 km. It will be constructed with tentative project cost of Rs.325 Crores (including land cost) and the process of land acquisition for construction of road has been started.
The proposed road PR 6 from New Chandigarh (8 lanes) to village Manana is 60 m wide having a length 10 km. It will be constructed with tentative project cost of Rs.375 Crores (including land cost) and the process of land acquisition has been started. Approximately 3.50 km road out of this 10 km road is being constructed by OMAXE infrastructure limited and work is in progress.

WATER SUPPLY (Tentative cost: Rs.400 crores)

Out of 80 MGD canal water likely to be received at Jandpur against Kajauli Scheme, 20 MGD raw canal water has been earmarked, to meet the requirement of New Chandigarh up-to next 25 years An independent 20 MGD capacity Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is proposed to be installed exclusively for New Chandigarh. However, keeping in view the present demand of only 5 MGD water for this region, about 9 km long 900 mm dia MS Pipe is proposed to be laid from Jandpur up to main Water Works at Eco-park before July 2014 and from this place water shall be distributed to five secondary water works proposed for different regions and there after distributed through pipe network.

SEWERAGE SYSTEM (Tentative cost: Rs.160 crores)

Independent sewerage system including installation of an independent 62 mld capacity main Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) exclusively for New Chandigarh has been proposed and the treated sewage water shall be used for watering of plants & green areas.

STORM WATER DRAINAGE SYSTEM (Tentative cost: Rs.180 crores)

Independent storm water drainage system comprising RCC pipes, road gullies etc. for carrying the rain water up to two natural choe’s namely Jayanti Devi & Patiala Ki Rao passing through this region including creation of Water bodies & Rain Harvesting System has been proposed for New Chandigarh.

ELECRIFICATION (Tentative cost: Rs.300 crores)

The load projections for New Chandigarh for the next 25 years have been taken as 400MW. To supply power to New Chandigarh & to cater these load requirements, two number 220 KV grid sub stations shall be required. These sub stations shall be provided with 2x100MVA power transformers at each place with a future provision of addition of one more 100 MVA transformer. One of the existing 66 KV sub stations at Majra is being upgraded to 220 KV sub stations and in future another 220KV sub stations shall be established near village Thaska. These sub stations shall be supplied power from 220KV lines Rajpura and Morinda. Regarding distribution of power, nine new 66 KV Sub-stations have been proposed exclusively for New Chandigarh in addition to up gradation of two existing Sub-stations at Majra and Mullanpur Garib Dass by providing additional power transformers. 66 KV cable ring main system of approx. 100 circuit km. is proposed to be laid in New Chandigarh to ensure uninterrupted power supply for the town ship.


Development of Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar/ New Chandigarh is on fast track these days. After survey of the Tri city a detailed draft report on the Metro Rail Project Public transport for the convenience of general public of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar has been submitted by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (D.M.R.C.) to U.T Administration, Punjab and Haryana State Govt.
The Total Length of the Metro Rail is 37.573 km. Total Project cost is Rs. 10,900 Crores. Two separate corridors will be developed under this project. The first corridor will be from the Capital Complex Chandigarh upto the Gurduwara Singh Shahidan, Sector 70, S.A.S. Nagar and the total length of this Corridor shall be 12.497 km (4.427 km above ground and 8.070 km underground). The second corridor will be from New Chandigarh (in Punjab portion) upto the Grain Market, Panchkula (Haryana) and the total length of this corridor shall be 25.076 km (19.041 km above ground and 6.035 km underground). In the first corridor, length of Metro Rail in Punjab will be 3.927 km above ground and in the second corridor it will be 3.878 km above Ground.

In view of the above ongoing/proposed projects planned for the infrastructure facilities for New Chandigarh, there would be no load on the existing infrastructure of Chandigarh and S.A.S. Nagar.