The Norm Set by GMADA for Discharge of its Functions

Greater Mohali Area Development Authority constituted under section –29 of the Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Act, 1995 for the development and redevelopment of the area following under its jurisdiction with the objects and functions as under :

  • The object of the Authority shall be to promote and secure better planning and development of any area of the State and for that purpose the Authority shall have the powers to acquire by way of purchase transfer, exchange or gift or to hold manage, plan develop and mortgage or otherwise dispose of land or other property or to carry out itself or in collaboration with any other agency or through any other agency on its behalf, building engineering , mining and other operations to execute works in connection with supply of water, disposal of sewerage, control of pollution and other services and amenities and generally to do anything with the prior approval or on direction of the State Government, for carrying out the purposes of this Act.

  • In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions, the Authority itself or in collaboration with any other agency or through any other agency on its behalf :-

  • If so required by the State Government or the Board, take up the works in connection with the preparation and implementation of Regional Plans, Master Plans and New Township plans, and town improvement scheme;

  • undertake the work relating to the amenities and services to be provided in the urban areas, urban estates, promotion of urban development as well as construction of houses;

  • promote research, development of new techniques of planning, land development and house construction and manufacture of building material;

  • promote companies, associations and other bodies for carrying out the purposes of the Act; and

  • perform any other functions which are supplemental, incidental or consequential to any of the functions referred to in this sub-section or which may be prescribed.

To achieves the above said objects certain Norms, Guidelines, Rules and Regulations have been framed.

For setting up the norms of the working of Estate Offices of PUDA certain guidelines had been issued vide letter No. PUDA –ACA-C/TE-2000/9591-9600 dated 3-7-2000 ( Copy of which is attached at Annexure-I)


The Service matters of the employees of the authority are regulated under the Punjab Urban Planning & Development Authority ( Employees Service) Regulations, 1999 which had been framed by the Authority in exercise of its powers under section – 182 of the Punjab Regional and Town Planning and Development Act, 1995.

The above said Rules specifically made it clear that the matters not provided under these rules shall be governed by the Punjab Civil Service Rules and instructions issued from time to time by the Punjab Government.

The norms for appointment and promotion for various categories of employees of the Authority have been mentioned in this regulations.

The norms for provident funds had been prescribed under the Punjab Housing & Development Board (Provident Fund) Rules 1983 which contained provisions for withdrawal of the advances from the fund and deposit of contribution towards the funds.


The development works are executed by the Authority through its Engineering Wing headed by the Chief Engineer of the Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority. The works are executed as per PWD norms which are prescribed under the PWD code and PWD manual.