Regarding the Particulars of its Organization Functions and Duties

GMADA is a biggest player in the MOHALI DISTRICT to provide planned developed in the field of housing and other infrastructure. GMADA has been setup U/s 29 (1) of the Punjab Regional & Town Planning & Development Act, 1995 by the State Government w.e.f.14-8-2006 with the provisions of the following members of the Authority:-

  • Chief Minister ,Punjab Chairman

  • Housing & Urban Development Minister, Co-Chairman

  • Chief Secretary

  • Principal Secretary to Chief Minister

  • Principal Secretary Finance

  • Secretary , Housing and Urban Development,Vice Chairman.

  • Secretary, Local Government

  • Chief Town Planner, Punjab

  • Chief Administrator who shall be appointed from amongst the officers of the Government of Punjab having such qualification and experience as may be prescribed.

  • 3 non official members to be nominated by the Chief Minister.

As per the various section of this Act the functions and duties of the Authority has been defined as under: –

1. Appointment of Committees (U/a 182)

For the purpose of securing efficient discharge of its functions, particularly maintenance of Public amenities and execution of development works and project, the following committees had been constituted by the Authority, namely :-


Name of Committee

Functions of Committee


Planning & Design Committee

  1. Scrutinize proposals for declaring planning areas and preparations of the regional plan, master plans and town development schemes under the Act and the rules & regulations made there under to be recommended to the PUDA Board for necessary approval.

  2. Security of lay out plans for sectors and sub-sectors.

  3. Discharge any other functions, which Authority may specifically assign.


Executive Committee

  1. The Constitution of Executive Committee shall be to secure efficient discharge of the functions of GMADA. The Executive Committee will exercise all the powers of GMADA, including the functions as specified below, and decisions taken in the Executive Committee shall be placed in the next meeting of the Authority for ratification:-

  2. To approve the section of Urban Estates, development of areas and new townships.

  3. To approve housing projects and other projects for development of land in Urban Estates, development of areas and new townships and other Urban Development Programme.

Section of Public/Private Sector collaborators.


Budget and Accounts Scrutiny committee U/s(185)


For the scrutiny of budget proposals and annual statements of accounts including balance sheet, Budget and Accounts Scrutiny Committee has been constituted

2. Objects & Functions of the Authority (Section 28)

The main objects and functions of the Authority is to promote and secure better planning & development of any area of the State and for that purpose the Authority shall have the powers to acquire by way of purchase, transfer, exchange or gift or to hold, manage, plan, develop and mortgage or otherwise dispose of land or other property or to carry out itself or in collaboration with any other agency or through any other agency on its behalf, building, engineering, mining and other operations to execute works in connection with supply of water, disposal of sewerage, control of pollution and other services and amenities and generally to do anything with the prior approval or on direction of the State Government, for carrying out the purpose of this act.

In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the forgoing provisions the Authority itself or in collaboration with any other agency or through any other agency on its behalf.

      1. If so required by the State Government or the Board, take up the works in connection with the preparation and implementation of Regional plans, master plan and new township plan and town improvement schemes.

      1. Undertake the work relating to the amenities and services to be provided in the Urban Areas, Urban Estates, promotion of urban development as well as construction of houses.

      1. Promote research, development of new techniques of planning, land development and house construction and manufacture of building material.

      1. Promote companies, associations and other bodies for carrying out the purposes of the act; and

      1. Perform any other functions which are supplemental, incidental or consequential to any of the functions referred to in this sub section or which may be prescribed.

3. Control by State Government(Section 40)

(1) The Authority shall carry out such directions as may be issued to it, from time to time, by the State Government for the efficient administration of this Act.

(2) The State Government may depute any officer to inspect or examine the office of the Authority, or its development works and to report thereon and the officer so deputed may, for the purposes of such inspection or examination call for,-

a. any extract from any proceedings of the Authority or any committee constituted under this Act, record, correspondence, plan or other documents;

    1. any return, estimates, statement of accounts or statistics;

    2. any report, and the Authority shall furnish the same.

4. Acquisition & Disposal of Land by the Authority. (Section 42)

Acquisition of Land

(i) When any land other than the land owned by the Central Government is required for the purposes of the Authority under this Act, the State Government may, at the request of the Authority, proceed to acquire it under the provisions of Land Acquisition Act, 1894 and no payment by the Authority of the compensation awarded under that Act and of any other charges incurred in acquiring the land, the land shall vest in the Authority.

(ii) For the purposes of the Land acquisition Act, 1894 and any other law for the time being in force, the Authority shall be deemed to be a local authority.

Disposal of Land (Section 43)

1. Subject to any directions by the State Government under this Act, the Authority may dispose of-

    1. any land acquired by it or transferred to it by the State Government without undertaking or carrying out any development thereon; or

    2. any such land after undertaking or carrying out such development as it thinks fit to such persons, in such manner and subject to such terms & conditions as it considers expedient for securing proper development.

2. The transfer of land to any person under sub-section (1) shall be subject to such further conditions as my be prescribed with regard to completion of buildings or parts thereof or with regard to extension of period for such completion and payment of fees for such extension.

3. Nothing in this Act shall be construed as enabling the Authority to dispose of land by way of gift, but subject to this condition, reference in this Act to the disposal of land shall be construed as reference to the disposal thereof in any manner whether by way of sale, exchange, lease or by the creation of any easement, right or privilege or otherwise.

4. Subject to the provisions hereinbefore contained, the Authority may sell, lease or otherwise transfer whether by auction, allotment or otherwise any land or building belonging to it on such terms & conditions as it may from time to time determine.

5. The consideration money for any transfer under sub-section (4) shall be paid to the Authority in such manner as may be determined by the Authority.

6. Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force, any land or building or both, as the case may be, shall continue to belong to the Authority until the entire consideration money together with interest and any other amount, if any, due to the Authority, on account of the transfer of such land or building or both, is paid.

7. Unless and until conditions provided in the regulations made by the Authority are fulfilled, the transferee shall not transfer any of his rights in the land or building except with the previous permission of the authority which may be granted on such terms and conditions and on payment of such fee as may be determined by the Authority.

Powers of the Authority to make Regulations (Section 182)

  1. The Authority may make regulations, consistent with this Act and the rules made there under, to carry out the purposes of this Act.

  2. In particular and without prejudice to the generality of this power, such regulations may provide for,-

    1. the summoning or holding of the meetings of the Authority, the time and place where such meetings are to be held and the conduct of business at such meetings under sub-section (1) of section 21;

    1. the functions to be assigned to the Chief Administrator by the Authority under section 22;

    1. the appointment of committees under section 23;

    2. the salaries, allowances and conditions of service of officers and other employees of the Authority under sub-section (2) of section 26;

    1. the powers & duties of the officers and other employees of the Authority under sub-section (3) of section 26;

    1. any other matter which has to be, or may be, determined by regulations.

Besides this the Authority is also undertaking construction of different type of houses to the needs of the various sections of the society. Special attention is given for the construction of EWS & LIG houses for the poor people of the State. These houses are allotted on easy installments. Residential plots of various sizes are allotted to the needy persons for the construction of houses. Apart from land is allotted to the Co-operative Societies for the construction of multi-stories flats/houses in all the urban estates. Land is also allotted for various other purposes such a construction of schools, Hospitals, Government offices, Petrol Stations, Cattle Pond etc. The Authority also provides infrastructures to the Urban Estates being developed by it.